Fife Ice Arena – Gems Of Fife

After our post about the Fife Folk Museum gained a lot of traction and positive feedback, we decided to continue our Gems Of Fife series with another frequently forgotten gem of Fife – the Fife Ice Arena. Some people might think that it’s weird for a self storage facility to be talking about this, but we’re passionate about Fife.

I know what some of you are thinking immediately – I didn’t even realise that we had an ‘Ice Arena’ (whatever that is) in Fife!. But yes, we do – and it’s actually pretty awesome.

The Fife Ice Arena is home to the Fife Flyers, our local ice hockey team, and one of the best teams in Scotland. They play in the highest ice hockey league in the UK, and travel across the country taking on the best teams in the UK.

If you’ve never gone to a Fife Flyers game, then I’d highly recommend it. Ice hockey is great fun to watch and is a good day out (plus the tickets are very affordable!).

If you fancy having a go at becoming an ice hockey player yourself, then you can actually take lessons at the Fife Ice Arena. There is even an ‘ice disco’ every Friday night if that is more up your street!

We feel that ice skating in general is a pretty underrated activity, and Fife has one of the best ice arenas in Scotland, so us locals should definitely spend more time there!