Fife businesses need to come together

Anyone from Fife who follows the news closely will know that we are currently looking at one of the worst spells of business closings in recent memory. Every town in the county has experienced this, and it seems that no industry or location is safe. I write this as a concerned business owner who sees other businesses in the county not as competitors, but as colleagues.

I was very disappointed to read the news that Premier Health Foods, a health store in Dunfermline, had been forced to close a few weeks ago. Meanwhile the Holland and Barrett store in the centre of the town continues to do very well, despite being fairly minimal in terms of stock, and fairly shocking in terms of the knowledge of many of the staff (maybe I caught them on a bad day, and the blame should be placed on Holland and Barrett rather than the staff themselves). Meanwhile Stuart, the owner of Premier Health Foods, had 25 years of knowledge to share with anyone who walked into his shop, regardless of whether they bought something or not. Pink String & Sealing Wax is another local company that had staff with plenty of knowledge and great stock, but was forced to close at the start of 2017.

The council and local press keep unveiling news of businesses like Premier Health foods closing with a sort of ‘oh well!’ attitude. Just look at this post from Dunfermline Press, which greets the news of the 2 aforementioned businesses closing with the ‘fantastic’ news that ‘it’s not all full of doom and gloom!’, because we’ll be getting a ‘different cycle of businesses coming in’. 

We also get a nice smiley picture of Stuart at the top of the post, because I’m sure he was delighted that his business was closing to make way for another Tesco or something similar. The way that this news has been sugar coated is disgusting, and the council as well as the journalists behind this coverage should be embarrassed.

If you’re a local Fife business owner who feels the same as we do and wants to do something about it then please contact me at








5 thoughts on “Fife businesses need to come together

  1. Reading the post again has actually made me very angry, why would they celebrate this?!?

  2. People still lap it up though, let’s be honest nobody even went to that shop

  3. What is this nonsense from Dunfermline Press, absolutely outrageous to be celebrating this

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