Crazy Storage Finds


We love storage in Fife, but will be the first to admit that it is generally pretty boring. But to show you that even storage can have moments of excitement, here are a few crazy storage finds that we love:

  • 250 unheard Michael Jackson songs – Over 250 original and never-before-known songs were discovered in a storage unit previously owned by Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson’s father.  The songs were recorded with Tina Turner in between Jackson’s contracts so no legal recording companies had a legal claim to the songs. However, legal battles over the songs have led to Jackson’s filing a suit and several unresolved lawsuits.
  • James Bond Lotus Submarine Car – One of the original James Bond submarine Lotus sports cars from “The Spy Who Loved Me” was found by a blue collar man in Long Island, NY in 1989.  He purchased the storage container, sight unseen, for $100.  The storage container is thought to have previously been owned by MGM but was abandoned after staff changes led to forgotten payments. The car sold for $865,000 in 2013.
  • Paris Hilton Items – A storage unit sold for $208 in 2007 by Nabila Haniss from the show Storage Wars.  The unit was found to have been previously owned by Paris Hilton, and was full of nude images of the model.  The socialite’s belongings were sold to an entrepreneur for $10 million who created and resold her belongings on a website called “Paris Exposed.” (, no longer live). It was only $40 per month for access though!

All pretty epic!


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